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Who are We
HRC International Travel Corporation, a joint venture invested by famous enterprises of China and Britain , was initially established in Hong Kong 2000 for the distribution of traveling.
In China,You can rely on us!
We are all come from different parts of China with different minority's culture, but we are happy to work together at HRC and happy to help our customers to have a memorial trip in China.All the trip advisors are college graduates who have majored in English or the tourism industry that is their specialty and have eager to put their enthurisium on their job.The team of sales will possess a wealth of local information about the area and culture, and provide you with the favor trip.
To Meet Our Sales Team Guangzhou
Candy Paley Jimmy Lina Michelle Nancy Steven Kiki
Sunny Ling Panda Shirlyn May Livans Jason Robble
Cathy Crystal Emily Ava Johnny Fox Brady Carlos
Elva Martin            
The Strong Customer Service Team
Candy Li   -Trip Advisor
Hi, My name is Candy. I joined HRC WORLDWIDE once I finished my university in New Zealand.After four years systematic and professional study and three years working experience as travel advisor in HRC WORLDWIDE.I believe that I can arrange you a comfort and colorful trip in China.
Come and enjoy your journey in China! Travel in this wonderful land is much funny that only read on a book!
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Paley Tang -Trip Advisor
I come from Hunan, middle part of China.Working in hotel let me know how to dial with clients face to face.Now, I'm working in HRC which is an online travel agent that offer service through internet.Working hard with patient is my rule.With more than 3 years on-line working experience, no matter you are on vacation or on business, I will provide you the hand-made and carefree service.
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Jimmy Hu -Trip Advisor
"More truth, More trust, More fun, More friends"
Hi, This is Jimmy from HRC travel service, after graduating from the college of tourism management, I had been working as a tour guide in Hunan province, Before joining HRC, I was working in the famous White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou.After joining HRC, I have been working as tour consultant for almost two years and ever been the guide of some canton fair business delegations from US, Australia, Southeast Asia and other places.
Learning from my working experience and my guests, now I am here to be your reliable trip advisor who will always try to make your trip a lot easier and happier!
I wish the only thing I bring to you is happiness.
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Lina Huang -Trip Advisor
I'm not just sweet young girl, what's more, I take care about all details about your trip. To make your trip as sweet as me, I need to keep an eye on all the little things which may influence your feeling about our country. Of course, all these are based on my working experience on this field.I am the person who follow up all the procedure after you have made a booking! I will reserve your hotel accommodations, issue your airline tickets, prepare your tour confirmation voucher, send you the contact list of our different offices in China, stand by and receive your emergent telephone call on early Sunday Mornings, and deliver greetings to give surprise and best wishes.
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Michelle Sun -Trip Advisor
If I can bring sunshine to everybody, I'm happy then.So, I'm happy to work at HRC Worldwide Travel Service where I can dial with different people from all over the world and happy to get happy news from them.Of course, I also give good news and good service to my clients since I am an attentive and enthusiastic girl.
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Nancy Wan -Trip Advisor

This is Nancy Wan, an open-minded, optimistic Zhuang Minority girl with sweet voice.My major subject was tourism management when I was at the university.I'm happy to work as a trip advisor which I can learn a lot from my clients and also can accumulate experience for my better service.
It's my great pleasure if I could help you have a good trip

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Steven Dong -Trip Advisor

I am a kind and easy-going people with great enthusiasm.It's a happy thing to receive guest email at office when I working in my office.To give very prompt and quick response to my customer is my rule.I always put my full effort on my job to make my customer satisfy with the service they receive and eager to solve the problem if there's any complain.I believe that the customer will rely on you if you always offer your truly help to him.

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Kiki Yuan -Trip Advisor

I am a sunshine girl. As what you can see, I'm a charming girl with interests of communicating with people. I'm in pursuit of beauty and vogue in my life. After joint HRC, I have better understanding of beauty. Enthusiasm, livingness, confidence hospitableness and cooperation are all in harmony with everyone of our team .I'm happy of being a member of HRC, and I would always like to make my full efforts to beautify my service to you.

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Sunny Cai -Trip Advisor

I am a lovely girl with enthusiastic attitude at hospitality service.I always take care of the requests from our clients and satisfy them with my constructive suggestion at the same time. I'm lucky to work at HRC and have very nice partners and clients who show me much more about the world. "To offer the better service to my clients"s my goal,Sunny is happy to be at your service.

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Ling Peng -Trip Advisor

I'm proud of being a member of HRC WORLDWIDE because it has an excellent reputation as a travel service platform. In this big family, I have learned a lot and still seek more. I like traveling very much since I can have different experience every time and make friends from different places.

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Panda Xiong

-Trip Advisor

I love traveling and I have traveled many places around my country. Although, sometimes, I need to get up 3:00am in the morning to meet my client, I'm happy to see they smile to me and happy to say bye-bye to me in the airport. I love my job. I will feel happy to do my best to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Welcome to join us!

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Shirlyn Yang -Trip Advisor

I come from a small coast city in south of Guangdong.
I love sports very much, so it seems that I have a healthy skin. And I always keep my smiling under the belief of "beautiful mood means everything".
For my occupation, I really like it very much. It brings me so much stimulation and keep me on the passion.
As a travel advisor, I'd like to share my knowledge on traveling with everybody.

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May Wu -Trip Advisor

Hi, I'm May Wu. I'm happy to work as a trip advisor after my 4 years university study in Dalian - a famous coast city in North of China. I like traveling and reading. I'm happy to have chance to make friends from all over the world.

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Livans Chen -Product Manager
Hi,this is Livans Chen. I like different challenges and competitions. For my team and me,to be honest and friendly to our clients is the permanent rule."Clients' need is our first concern" I take this as the golden principle even since I got engaged in tour industry. I always believe that teamwork is the only way to make us a successful and reliable team for our guests!
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Jason Wang -Marketing Manager
I'm the native of Shichuang, and spent 4 years university life in Beijing. It's my honor to join HRC WORLDWIDE and share my travel experience with my college and clients from all over the world. HRC is not only the paragon among the on-line travel service but also devotes great effort to supply better distribution and tech support for hotel and travel service. It's my great pleasure to bring my friends to taste different flavors in China, especially in Guangzhou for Cantonese food and Dim Sum.
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Robbie Xiong -Marketing Assistant
After 5 years of army life, I started to work in tourism industry. I'm a sincere person who is always passionate to my work and my guests, and my greatest pleasure is to become friends with my guests. I wish I could have more fun in my job and bring more value to my clients.
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Cathy Jiang -Product Manager
I have been working in HRC for more than 3 years. I love this job very much since the team I work is very dedicated and everybody is eager to make the best with work and a pleasure to work with. I have gained abundant knowledge and still seek more so that can make my clients and me happy with my offers.
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Crystal Lei -Customer Service Manager

I am an apprentice in the Sales & Marketing Department. Although I just come to this big family two months ago, I have fallen in love with this job. HRC gives me a lot, knowledge, happiness and friendships, which have a great impact on me. And also I will try my best to serve my guests with what I have learned. Believe me, I will do the best.

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Emily Su -Editor

I am an English editor in Sales & Marketing Department. Travel has always been a great appeal to me, may it be a DIY travel, or package tour or even a business trip. For me, every chance to go outside is refreshing. Moreover, internet, the amazing invention, helps me to "travel" worldwide while sitting in front of a PC. I believe the impulse of seeing and learning more is a must for doing a good job. And the proverb "no pain, no gain" is always standing besides me in the journey of achievement.

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Ava Hu -Editor

I grew up in Wuhan and graduated from China University of Geo-sciences where I spent 4 year for my English study. The comic books and Kimura Takuya are my favors. I'm happy to work with my job since I have very nice colleagues, so I have fun in job. I'm a new comer, but I know practice makes perfect. Trust me , I'll get it.

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Johnny Lin -Software Deviser

I am a traveling-lover and like to work for Information Technology. It's my pleasure to work at the team which is full of harmonious atmosphere. I do hope the IT can bring more convenience for you and let you feel China closer.

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Fox Liang -Software Deviser

After graduated from university, I started to work for on-line tourism platform. HRC gives me the chance to make my dream come true. I'm an enthusiasm person and like playing basketball and Chinese chess. Of course, traveling all over the world is my another dream.

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Brady Liu -Software Deviser

The future should bring me full of opportunity instead of despair, I am luck that HRC give the chance to me, I'll put my full effort on it.

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Carlos Li -Software Deviser

I'm as aspiring person with full of optimism to face what life bring to me and enjoy the course of life. I hope to help our customer to find their needs with most simple way through our platform. It's my honor to work on the on-line hotel and travel service.

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Elva Xie -Designer

As a web designer, to inspire customer needs to inspire myself first. I like design because I love to do with lots of fun and pleasure!

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Martin Zhang -Designer

Working at HRC makes me understand: as a designer, that the most important thing is how to communicate with the customer and know what is the customer's require.

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